Strategic HR

HR Services: Building the Foundation and Beyond

OPHR Group delivers an integrated approach to people strategy that will lead to lower turnover, increased employee engagement, higher productivity & revenue, and happier customers. Our tools, methodologies, and processes cover four key areas and are easily and quickly customized and tied to your short and long term business goals.

STAARS - Structured Talent Approval Assessment & Recruitment System

Hiring Justification · Talent Acquisition · Talent Selection

The STAAR System is a headcount justification, recruitment, and selection process that ties each job to real deliverables including team and company goals. The process also identifies the negative impact of not hiring and alternative options. This powerful tool will help run an effective and efficient business. By identifying the quantitative and qualitative skills needed to be successful in a role and having a structured interview and selection process you can eliminate the guess work from hiring.

Our process is customized to a company’s short term and long term business goals and is focused on delivering high quality hires quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

PAC-TRAC System - Performance Analysis Culture - Talent Retention Awards & Compensation

Performance Measurement & Management · Compensation & Rewards Strategy
Talent Retention & Engagement Strategy

The PAC-TRAC System is an easy-to-use yet comprehensive tool that allows your management to identify, retain, reward, and engage top performers and manage out poor performers. We design compensation and professional award strategies using data from Gallup, Gartner, and SHRM on why top performers stay and leave.

Our process, people strategies and infrastructure are customized to your short term and long term business goals and allow you to identify, retain, empower, and inspire the people that will have the biggest impact on the success of your business.

Org-KPI-DASH - Organizational KPI’s & Detailed Analytics for Strategic HR

Key Performance Indicators · Strategic People Analytics

The Executive Management Dash Board (Org-KPI-DASH) delivers meaningful people data that will you help make critical business decisions — the type of information that will make your talent acquisition and HR functions true strategic business partners vs. administrative cost centers.

Our tools are customized to your short term and long term business goals using key performance indicators that allow you to see your blind spots and avoid or capitalize on situations you would otherwise be unaware.

Compliance COP - Cost Optimization & Policy

Compliance & Policy Optimization

The Compliance COP is an audit and evaluation tool that will deliver cost-benefit analysis based on current practices and recommend optimized strategies that build cost-effective safeguards. Employment lawsuits are expensive; they generate negative publicity for your company and take precious resources away from your core business goals.

It is estimated that 70% of employers are non-complaint with wage and hour laws alone, and the numbers are even higher for start-ups. Wage and hour settlements average $23.5 million, and juries tend to be particularly partial to employees. You can’t afford to not know if your company is compliant.