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Our team is committed to keeping you informed and up to date with the most comprehensive tools and tips for finding the ideal candidates and positions available.

No Substitute for Experience

Our partners have a combined sixty years of experience in the design, implementation, and execution of talent acquisition and management strategies. Each has led corporate recruiting and human resources functions for both start-up and large fortune 1000 companies including PWC, Microsoft, Time Warner, AIG, diCarta, Spot Runner, and others.

We have unparalleled success identifying, recruiting, selecting, retaining, and engaging the most sought after talent in the most competitive markets and verticals. We typically partner with the founders and executives of high-growth companies or team with senior management at some of the most respected brands in the world. We specialize in connecting strategic business objectives to your company’s talent acquisition and strategic people plans.

We build our business and relationships on integrity, and we pride ourselves on offering the highest levels of service to all clients.